Best Website Traffic Reseller Program
Best Website Traffic Reseller Program
Best Website Traffic Reseller Program
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   Best Third Party CC Processors

Best Third Party CC Processors

CC Processors are credit card processing software developed to provide real-time credit card processing. With a bi-integrated third party CC processor, your customers can pay and purchase your products and services using their credit cards. Accepting credit cards increases your customer base. It lends credibility to your business, which is extremely important for your virtual presence. Shoppers also find it convenient and safe buying through their credit cards.

Third party CC processors are one of the easiest and most popular ways of accepting online payments. This is ideal for small- to medium-sized companies that can avail the flexibility of accepting credit cards without having the hassle of maintaining a merchant bank account.

An ideal third party processor should have either no or very low one-time setup charges and low percentage of transaction amount. They should ideally have low discount rate and no entry barrier. You should be able to open an account with a third party processor instantly and should start accepting payments once your details are verified. The processor will free you of expensive merchant account or complicated software. A good third party CC processor should accept checks over the phone or Internet. It should be backed by live bank verifications and should have shopping carts and list management facilities as well. Some additional features like a control panel to allow you to email previous customers plays to be very useful.

If you are involved in specific internet-based services like preparing unique internet content and distribute your own original information via web pages, files, or email, the third party CC processor must support these transfer processes. You also should have the option to recruit resellers for your products and services. Some third party CC processors have referral programs where you can earn by referring people to the processor’s site.

You will find many third party CC processors which support special causes as well. A processor for online donation system works for charities, college funds, and other nonprofit organizations. You will find some processor specially designed for helping newly established businesses and individuals to collect online payments at the minimum possible cost in the fastest possible time. An all-encompassing third party processor may let you buyer purchase a money order online and sent directly to the seller.

A third party CC processor should be robust to handle recurring billing and should provide some membership, product, and inventory management facilities. It should work with equal efficiency in specialized areas like software delivery or Pay-Per-View. In addition to normal security features, the processor should offer controlled access and should also have advanced API. Some risk management features like restricting the fraud and active filtration support prove to be quite handy. Customer database management and client database mail blaster are a few additional features, which you may expect from a good third party CC processor.

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