Best Website Traffic Reseller Program
Best Website Traffic Reseller Program
Best Website Traffic Reseller Program
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   How To Prevent Resellers From Fraud

How To Prevent Resellers From Fraud

A reseller is one who sells web host accounts. They can be a web developer, VARs, system integrators, or any party who provide Internet business solutions to their customers. It has great advantages of being a reseller. You need minimal initial investment or do not have to maintain equipment. You can set your own prices and marketing strategy. You enjoy complete flexibility and reputation if your customers are satisfied. But you are vulnerable to frauds as well.

The first step to save yourself from a fraud will be to know your buyer in detail. With whom you are going to strike the deal? Is that a legitimate business and registered somewhere? Always check for validity of their domain name. You can even make a simple search on the Internet with their business name. Don’t be happy with just one negative result. Even if you are directed to another company for verifying their credibility that looks legitimate, contact the other company to find out if the person is actually registered or licensed to do business with them.

Before making any payment and receiving any payment explore all the possibilities. If you are receiving some money, look for the clause through which they can charge back or reverse the charge. On the other hand, while paying, make sure nothing can go wrong in the transaction like you paid but received nothing or shipped the consignment that never reached the destination. Be extremely careful with documentation, and in case of any dispute, you should have proper documents to support your claim.

If someone asks you to pay for a domain appraisal certificate, it may lead to a fraud. Whenever you receive large orders which runs beyond the normal range or you find orders with several quantities of the same item, you should be alert. An order placed on rush or an order to be shipped to the same address but bought using multiple credit cards may also indicate some malpractice. See the payment form, which has to be in a secure page like the one with SSL-encrypted codes. Look for other details as well like irregularities, unprofessional details, for example, broken links, misspelled words, which should ring a bell. s

If you find a deal too good to be true, probability says you have a fifty percent chance of being tricked. Choose the right payment method with which you are most comfortable. An escrow service sounds safe as long as it has proven service credibility.

You can also use some Fraud Detection Suite (FDS), which is a set of customizable, rules-based filters and tools that can identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and fraudulent transactions. On the basis of your setting, you can approve, decline, or hold transactions for review. You can also restrict transaction from specific Internet protocols. It has been observed that majority of fraudulent activities come from few selected countries. Whenever you come in contact with a buyer from those countries, take extra caution.

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