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Best Website Traffic Reseller Program
Best Website Traffic Reseller Program
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   Why Pop-under ads are still alive despite of Popup blockers?

Why Pop-under ads are still alive despite of Popup blockers?

Pop-under ad windows open underneath the front window. In many cases, the window opens behind the main page without the visitor ever noticing it. The greatest advantage of pop-under ads is they will not get closed without getting fully loaded, as is the case with pop-up ads. They will be loaded silently, while the viewer completes reading the current page. You can put whatever text or graphics you wish as it will always get loaded and wait patiently to be viewed by the user until the front window is closed. This feature makes the pop-unders still more effective for advertising. They work greatly for both the advertisers as well as the viewer. The advertisers can communicate his or her message the way they want without disturbing the viewer with a pop-up, which at times, distracts and quite annoying.

Pop-under ads are a means of softer sell. The viewers watch your advertisement with an open mind. Pop-under ads are never treated by the visitors as the “thrown in your face” pop-up ads. A clever and subtle pop-under ad incites some curiosity in the viewers. They halt for a while to have a close look and scan the page to get an idea of your products or services. As the pop-under ads do not consume the sales page, it is great to add them to increase the revenue generated from them.

Here is the exact situation where can play an important role. We can offer high-traffic pop-under ad exposures to our client just like a banner ad space. As our pop-under ads are appropriately targeted, they earn you more visitors and clients as a banner ad or perhaps even more. can send unlimited number of visitors to your site with pop-under ads to generate the desired traffic. We have the technical potential to bypass many of the pop-up blockers as well.

As a web publisher desperate for earning the plump advertising revenue, you should have someone like who has the expertise in creating a special offer page exclusively for this purpose. Your pages will have short yet powerful headlines to maximize the impact of your advertisement.

It is the timing that makes pop-under ads a perfect choice for the advertisers. It is considered to be most attractive by both to publishers and the consumers than a classical pop-up ad because they do not hamper the flow of your client’s Internet session. Accepting their impact, many big web publishers like Microsoft, Yahoo, Primedia, or The New York Times have started accepting pop-under ads.

As more and more people got fed up with the pop-ups, they started installing pop-up blockers, and subsequently it got incorporated in the browser’s setting. Pop-ups, therefore, are no longer a smart idea and pop-under ads are the ultimate solution. makes your message short, simple, and to-the-point to earn the immediate attention of your prospects. is targeted to fitting your message to the right kind of audience.

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