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Reseller Website Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I receive when I order my reseller website?

You will get access to the Wordpress admin area of your website. It allows you to edit the text content of the website, replace images, add tags, edit keywords, edit prices, manage orders and add scripts such as google analytics and many others.

How does the reseller website look like?

You can see how the reseller website looks like by visiting this URL. Please feel free to contact us from here to see how the wordpress admin area looks like.

Can you design a logo for my website?

You can order a custom logo for your website for $15 only. The option is available in the white label reseller website order form.

Can you install the site to my hosting provider?

Yes, we can install the site to your hosting provider at no additional cost if you have chosen the option at $499. We will contact you by email upon the receipt of your order to request the login information of your hosting provider and proceed with the installation.

Can you design a logo for my website?

You can order a custom logo for your website for $15 only. The option is available in the white label reseller website order form.

Can I download the website template?

You are allowed to use the website template from our servers but the template's rights belong to Tresellers.com with the plan at $199. You can buy the site, download the files and host it on any hosting provider that supports PHP for $499.

Do I need a domain name?

We will register a domain name for you or you can point your existing domain to our servers to start using your website. We will send you the instructions to point your domain upon the receipt of your payment if you have an existing domain name.

How quickly will I have my website up and running?

You will receive the admin login information to access to your website within 24 hours so you can begin customizing it while we are designing your logo. It may take another 24 hours to have your custom logo ready.

What do I need to get started?

You only need a Paypal account to receive the payments.

Do I need a hosting account?

We will host and install your website on our servers so you don't need any hosting account.

Do I have to pay any monthly fee to keep my website active?

We charge $29 per month to host your reseller website. The price has been temporarily reduced to $19 per month. Order your website today and lock our discounted rate!

How do I start setting up my traffic campaigns when I receive my first order?

You can start by ordering small amounts of reseller traffic credits such as 1000 or 5000 visitors from this page if you have a limited budget. Alternatively you can order larger mixed traffic credit plans of 500,000 or 1000000 reseller credits to benefit from lower prices. The credits you order from us do never expire and we are in business for over ten years so feel free to order as many traffic credits to benefit from the best price.

How can my clients check their stats?

You will create a user account and define its username and password that you will link to the traffic campaign you set up so your client can login to our unbranded stat site and check their real-time stats. Your clients will never know about us.

What happens if I receive a chargeback or dispute notification from Paypal?

We will refund the credits you have lost for that specific traffic campaign back to your reseller account. You just need to forward us the Paypal chargeback or dispute screenshot and your refund request will be processed within 48 hours. Please check the extended list of guarantees Tresellers.com offers you as a reseller at no additional cost!

What happens if I use SPAM to promote my reseller website?

Your website will be closed because we have to respect our hosting provider's terms and conditions.

Do you place any restrictions on the content of the sites being advertised?

We do not accept websites that contain additional pop-up windows, trojans, viruses and Java prompts.

Can I resell my traffic reseller website to someone else?

Yes you can sell your website to someone else. Please send us the contact details of the new owner before selling your website.

What kind of customer service and support do you provide?

We provide dedicated support to all of our resellers. You can submit a support ticket using our contact form or the live chat bot and we will get back to you within 2-12 hours.

What is your refund policy?

Reseller websites are non-refundable because they take several hours to be set up.

How do I make profit?

You can buy 10,000 geo-targeted credits from us at $7.95 and sell it on your website for $49 so your profit will be $41.05 (516% of the original price). You can sell website traffic, guaranteed signups and double opt-in email campaigns with our white label reseller website.

How do I set up traffic campaigns for my customers?

You should first order reseller credits. i.e. You should go to this page and order 10,000 "Country & Niche Targeted" visitors when you receive an order for 10,000 Geo-targeted visitors. We will send your reseller account login information so you can set up your customer's user account and his traffic campaign instantly. You may also choose to order larger quantities such as 100,000 or 500,000 Geo-targeted traffic credits to benefit from better rates and increase your profit margin.

How much does the reseller website cost?

Your reseller website costs $99 (one time payment) then $19 monthly hosting included.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have special offers for you and your referred resellers. You will receive 10% of the amount of reseller credits ordered by your referral for their first three purchases when you communicate us their website or business name. Plus your referrals will also receive 10% bonus traffic on their first order if you want to share this deal with them.You are not required to be a reseller to benefit from this offer.