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We know how difficult it is to prevent online fraud so we have decided to offer our valuable resellers the guarantees that will avoid them losing the benefits of their hard work.


  • Full refund of your traffic credits on Paypal chargebacks.
  • Full refund of your traffic credits if your customer opens a Paypal dispute and you lose the case.
  • Additional bonus credits to your traffic campaign if your customers complain about the number of visitors not matching their counter (up to 20% bonus traffic per order).
Guarantees for All Resellers.


Your First 10 Orders Are Fully Refundable if Your Customers Are Not Satisfied by The Traffic

Terms and Conditions:

  • The guarantees above apply to up to 30 dispute cases yearly (from January to January). The proof of refund or chargeback provided by your credit card processor is required when you request a refund (such as screenshot etc.).
  • These guarantees are valid for ALL traffic resellers. Abusive use of the reseller friendly guarantees listed above or if the orders you accept are for suspicious websites only, we reserve the right to stop and cancel your reseller membership. However, if fake or altered refund proofs are provided or if the URL refunded belongs to a friend or family member of yours, that order will NOT be refunded and your reseller membership will be terminated.
  • The bonus traffic guarantee applies to complaints received regarding the traffic delivery only. You are not authorized to give the 20% bonus traffic to your customers neither regularly nor as a special offer.
White Label Reseller Website


    Basic points to know before accepting orders online.
  • Verify if the billing address corresponds to the IP address of the customer.
  • Check the validity of the phone number entered by the customer.
  • Check whether the domain name belongs to the credit card holder from whois database. In case of affiliate links, you should check if the name of the customer appears anywhere on the affiliate page.
  • Verify how much time the visitor has spent on your website and the number of pages visited. Customers going directly to the order page without visiting any page or spending less than 5 minutes may be suspicious. Check this in the visit lenght section of your counter provider. We recommend you to use Statcounter.com. It is free and gives you enough information about the visitors to verify your orders as described previously.

Suspicious cases (Must be verified by phone - Recommended):

    You should double check and verify the validity for the following cases:
  • Huge order amount and fast traffic request.
  • IP address not matching the billing address.
  • Invalid phone number.
  • Use of free email addresses. E.g. Yahoo or Gmail.
  • If the customer uses PROXY to access your website.
  • Orders from Non-verified Paypal users.
  • Multiple popups or any other intrusive advertising methods used on the customer's website (95% Fraudulent).
  • Virus on the advertised website (95% Fraudulent).